citizen society indore

The idea of forming a co-operative institution was mooted by the present chairman & CEO, way back in January 2011. It started with handful of likeminded people, who had a vision & dream to serve the marginalized section of the society differently, gradually it grew to few dozens, after several informal & formal meetings & sessions, Citizen savings & credit was institutionalized in Aug 2012. 60 people came together to promote & form the society .The other promoter members of society includes, expert from financial services Industry, Rtd Engineer, social worker, small business owners. The objective was to render financial support the marginal urban as well as rural class, who are denied of vital services in absence of established credentials under present financial system & structure. Citizen Savings and credit co-operative is a budding but vital part of the informal sector of the economy & society under Bihar self supporting co-operative society act, 1996. Citizen savings and credit is an association of group of people, who have voluntarily joined together to achieve common economic and social objective and forming a joint, owned and democratically controlled cooperative organization. citizen society indore

citizen credit societySAVINGACCOUNT


Citizen Credit Society gives the best reach and access to your funds while giving you the flexibility to manage your funds between your Savings Account

citizen society indore

citizen credit societyLOANSCHEMES


We Provide To Our Society Members Many Type Of Loan Scheme(Personal loan scheme, Weekly loan, and Small loan) On Attractive Rate Of Interest

citizen society indore

citizen credit societyDEPOSITSCHEMES


We have flexible scheme for our member’s deposit and we have also very attractive R.D. (Masik Jama Yojna) for our members

citizen society indore

citizen credit societyRECURRINGDEPOSIT


Plan for your children education and marriage with our special deposit scheme We have very attractive R.D. for our members on good rate of interest.

citizen society indore