The Board Details

  1. Sri R.N.SINGH (CHAIRMAN) – Sri Ram Naresh Singh is a retired engineer with more than 45 yrs. of experience in projects & implementation in various govt. dept.
  2. Smt  MEERA SINHA (CEO) –Smt  Meera Sinha is a financial consultant with over 25 yrs. of experience. She holds a master in Sociology from Patna University. Her interest & work area has been social work & spiritual wellbeings.
  3. Mr. SANTOSH KR. SRIVASTAVA (SECRETARY) –  Mr Santosh Srivastav is a leading investment consultant with over 35 yrs. of financial service experience & has impeccable social standing in society.
  4. Mr. SUBODH KUMAR ( DIRECTOR) –  Mr. Subodh Kumar worked with NBFC & has over 20 yrs. of experience in administration of financial Sector..
  5. Mr. SANJAY KUMAR MISHRA (DIRECTOR) – He is also Director of Bihar State Co-operative Federation Ltd . He has experience more than 25 Years in Share Brooking & Financial Sector & Corporate Sector.
  6. Smt. LAXIMINIYA DEVI (DIRECTOR) – Laximiniya Devi is a house wife & Social worker.
  7. Ms.SHIKHA SHURBHI  (DIRECTOR) – Shikha Shurbhi  is an entrepreneur & has wide interests in social justice & empowerment of underprivileged.
  8. Smt. SUSHMA KUMARI (DIRECTOR)– Smt  Sushma Kumari is a housewife, with interest in women empowerment..
  9. Mr.SUDARSAN SINGH (DIRECTOR) – Mr  Sudarshan Singh worked with NBFC & has over 30 yrs. of experience in administration of financial offices.
  10. Smt. RENU DEVI (DIRECTOR) – Smt Renu Devi is a social worker.
  11. Mr. MONU KUMAR (DIRECTOR) – He has wide interests in Social Work.
  12. Smt. SARITA PRASAD (DIRECTOR)– Sarita Prasad is a social worker.