Que 1: Is this cooperative society registered under State govt. or Central govt.?

Ans: Yes, this cooperative is registered under Bihar govt. Cooperative Societies Act 1996.

Que 2: Is this cooperative society work like a bank?

Ans: Yes, working nature is same.

Que3: Is this cooperative society trustable or not? Our money will be safe or not.

Ans: That depends on your faith and you can ask to the Bihar cooperative department for further query.

Que 4: Where will be our money invested by this cooperative society? Is there a fixed chance for return?

Ans: Yes, First your money will be invested in secured loans and in different projects like education, dairy project and farming.

Que 5: Is this cooperative registered under RBI and SEBI?

Ans: As this cooperative society working only in Patna district, so it doesn’t need any registration of RBI and SEBI. After commencing branches in multi state then it will be under RBI and SEBI. This time, it is registered under Bihar govt. Cooperative Society Act 1935.

Que 6: How this cooperative Society different from Non-Banking?

Ans: Non banking doesn’t offer different loans and not authorized for opening of SB A/C .

Que 7: Why anyone would go for investment in your cooperative rather than investing in PSU or Pvt. Banks?

Ans: That depends on your choice, but we are offering different and attractive schemes which others do not offer. As our Cooperative Fixed deposit schemes for double money is 7 years 9 Months and others offer generally in 10-12 years.